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Making the decision for a sober life is a major step on the road to recovery. Life can be difficult. Addiction is an illness that needs to be fought purposefully and actively, every day. What matters is being committed to change to live a healthier life, regardless of our past situations.

This is why at Gillian’s Place, we help you get the help you need by being there for you, every step of the way. Our sober living in Houston, TX caters to women reaching out for a safe, supportive and compassionate environment as they begin to go from a structured treatment center to a safe and supportive transition into a new reality, free of substances, at their own pace until they feel ready and have built a strong enough foundation to be successful and live a life in long term recovery. Along with providing our residents with the full-range of recovery facilities based in Houston, we ensure that they are provided with the utmost comfort and luxury throughout their stay. We are committed to making our residents’ time at Gillian’s Place as easy and relaxing as possible.

Why Attend Sober Living for Women in Houston

Women and men experience substance use disorders much differently than one another, so it makes sense that there be a break in the treatment process so both genders can obtain the care they need. While addiction is certainly something people of any age, race, gender, or creed can relate to each other on, there are some specifics that can separate women’s needs from men’s needs. This is easily the best reason to attend women’s sober living, as there is a consistent focus on what women in recovery need to stay sober for the long-haul.

At a women’s sober living, you can expect to live among other women in recovery that you can bond with during this process. Having a support system comprised of all types of people (including those also in recovery) is absolutely vital. Knowing that you have a shoulder to lean on in one of your roommates is one reason why attending a women’s sober living is a great choice.

On top of receiving specialized, gender-specific care and having support and sisterhood with other residents, you should consider a women’s sober living environment to avoid any distractions you might experience if you were in a co-ed situation. Addiction is a disease that makes everyone very vulnerable, so having that pressure to appear perfectly put-together removed by living in this type of space is a major benefit.

Addiction is not just a diseasde that you can recover from with some pointers and tips. Instead, it is a disease that often requires an overhaul of one’s mind, body, and soul. In a women’s sober living environment, female clients can be empowered to make these changes to better their lives.

Benefits of Women’s Sober Living in Houston

Sober living is the perfect compliment to addiction treatment for some individuals. Those women who have already completed one or more levels of addiction treatment can continue to transition out of treatment by moving into a sober living environment. Doing so have proven to be highly effective for those in recovery for a number of reasons. In fact, sober living for women is beneficial in many ways, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Slowly transitioning out of recovery, which helps decrease relapse risk
  • Living in a safe, gender-specific environment
  • Lessening the risk of being re-traumatized (especially if male figures and/or their actions played a role in a female’s substance use disorder)
  • Bonding with other women in recovery
  • Creating a support system consisting of roommates, members of 12-Step groups, therapists, and more
  • Feeling free to express emotion without fear of judgment from males

Gender-specific sober living produces countless benefits, including these and more. If you are a woman in recovery and believe sober living is the right fit for you, reach out to us right now.

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What To pack

Enough clothes for a week

Toiletries and hygiene products (i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, etc.)

Personal electronics (laptops, tablets, cell phone, etc)

Tobacco (if you use it)

What Not To Pack

Personal furniture


Pots and Pans

Firearms or weapons of any kind

Products containing alcohol

Inappropriate materials or clothing (anything displaying/suggesting/promoting sexual content or drug use)


  • 24 hours, 7 days a week on site management
  • Excellent Off-Road Assigned Parking
  • High Speed Wifi Throughout Facility
  • Video Surveillance for Safety – Public Areas
  • Flat Screen Tv’s with Direct TV in Every Room
  • Available Sober Coaching and Transitional Therapy for New Journey
  • Personalized Dietary Meal Preparation Assistance
  • Acupuncturist and Eastern Medicine Holistic Healer
  • Transportation Assistance to Recovery Support Meetings, IOP, Work and Church
  • Breakfast and lunch food provided, Dinner Prepared Daily
  • Gym Memberships Available to All Clients
  • Individualized Recovery Plans
  • In-House Infrared Sauna Available
  • Group Outings such as Baseball and Football Games, Movies or the Beach
  • Participation in Recovery Sports Leagues – Optional
  • Drug Testing 3 Times a Week and Breathalyzed Daily
  • Serene Lakeside Park with Picnic Tables and Grills
  • Peaceful and Private Areas for Quiet Reading, Meditation and Prayer

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