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What is an EAP and How Can One Help?

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During these unprecedented times of lockdowns caused by Covid-19 gone wild, many people are struggling, especially people in recovery. The stress caused by enforced lockdowns, business closures and loss of work has affected people negatively and for those who are struggling it might be time to investigate your workplace and see if it offers an EAP, or Employee Assistance Program and take advantage of its benefits. With restrictions on gatherings, closures of restaurants, professional sports venues and cancelled concerts America does not resemble itself and many Americans are the worse for it, especially people with current and past substance abuse issues. An EAP is short for Employee Assistance Program and an overwhelmingly large percentage of employers offer these, if you are struggling or have employees that are, perhaps it is time to answer the question ‘what is an EAP’ and learn how it can help.

What is an EAP?

EAPs provide counseling and other services to employees on a free and confidential, voluntary basis but certain careers like police and first responders can be obligated to participate following job-related trauma like shooting a suspect or responding to a violent scene. This is not a punitive measure by any means, the purpose of an EAP is to provide services that keep employees happy, healthy both mentally and physically, so they remain productive. 

Initially created in the 1940s just a few years behind Dr. Bill forming Alcoholics Anonymous, their purpose was mainly to combat the problem of alcoholism but in the 1970s with the passage of new legislation, all federal agencies were required to provide them, something the private sector began to copy afterwards and today an overwhelming percentage of employers now offer the programs to their employees. Today, EAPs are not limited in their focus, they address everything from substance abuse, family issues, mental health, depression, financial and legal matters and even smaller issues like workplace personality conflicts, all as part of an effort to keep employees functioning as they help prevent turnover and maintain smooth business flow. 

How Can EAP’s Help?

With the emergence of Covid-19, many people are working from home and developing “cabin fever” from the forced isolation and a lack of socialization since much of the nation is closed to halt the spread of Covid-19. The result of this is greater numbers of people suffering mentally, becoming depressed, self-medicating while others in recovery are relapsing. Even though many locales are closed or in reduced hours, many EAPs now offer services via telephone or virtually. 

Sadly a very small percentage of employees in America today actually take advantage of their EAP, mostly because the person wishes to keep their after-hours activities confidential and not create an issue with their work over something to do with their personal life, however there are now Federal laws which protect people should they reach out voluntarily for help and while some large corporations offer these services in-house, most frequently the services are available to the employee off-site for to help protect the attendees confidentiality and because many human resource departments do not have people on staff who are properly trained as EAP counselors, this is why most EAPs are outside contractors.  

EAPs benefit the employees as well as employers, so if your workplace does not offer an EAP, Purpose Driven Recovery does contract with employers who wish to provide the benefits of an EAP to its employees. In addition to the normal counseling and group type support, Purpose Driven Recovery offers in-house treatment for people who need more intensive residential therapy to overcome an addiction or substance-abuse problem. The rates of problems in people’s lives like substance abuse, depression, divorce and even suicides are skyrocketing so now is an ideal time to take advantage of the free benefits of your EAP at work or investigate creating one should your workplace not currently offer one. 

Addiction Treatment in Texas

In addition to programs for employees, Purpose Driven Recovery offers a full suite of assistance for anyone suffering from a substance abuse problem. They offer gender-specific treatment to help remove distraction and better succeed at solving the problems which are behind the addiction. Contact them by calling (713) 266-1507 or, click here and email them today. This pandemic seems that it will be present for a bit longer, so now really is the time to address any small problems before they worsen, so contact them today.

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