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Sober Living: Benefits of No Longer Using

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When you are an addict or dealing with a substance abuse issue you may not realize how much you have let slip away. Sober living is an alien concept because your life is usually centered around one thing, your addiction. Much the same if someone had cancer, they would be chasing treatment just as you chase a high, addiction is a disease, it plays havoc with every facet of your life and deep down, you know it. So if you did kick your addiction, what would your life be like? Can you recall what it was like at a time when you were not using?  

Giving up an addiction is a simple process, just don’t use or drink anything no matter what. Staying sober and living a sober life, while difficult, can be far more rewarding. Many of the differences between your current existence and a sober life are obvious, but others will come with time. 

Sober Living Benefits

Your financial life and credit likely took a hit while you chased your addiction, all the money you spent to get wasted, is just that — wasted. By starving that habit out your bank account and your creditors will silently thank you. Additionally, those extra bucks you save will add up and instead of living off credit cards you will be able to pay the balances down and use them for emergencies instead of day to day life. Having great credit will improve the quality of your life, having great credit with your dealers, not so much. 

You will have more free time to pursue healthier pastimes instead of calling around and driving to and from trying to score, plus when you do drive you won’t have one eye constantly on the rear-view mirror. Just think about how many times you missed an event for family or work because you realized nobody should see you because of the condition you were in. Or, you watched the clock and took off to attend some invented appointment to avoid staying late. People will respect a sober person or a person in recovery far more than someone they know who shows up likely under the influence. 

Instead of constantly losing your keys or forgetting things because you always had some type of buzz, your mind retains things, and you have a better comprehension and retention of day to day events. Instead of muscle memory throwing your wallet in one of the eight random places you keep it, you will remember things like that. It also helps with remembering someone’s birthday party beforehand with enough time (and spare money) to buy them a gift like a real friend would.  

You will feel much better mentally without the stress of chasing an addiction. The nagging voice in the back of your mind who constantly reminds an addict of their needs will vanish. With that removed you will be able to concentrate and even as tough as sober life may feel, it will not task you as being wasted plus having the same problems would. If your car breaks down, and you get high or drunk to avoid the issue, it will still be present, but now you will have the resources and the ability to handle it. 

The quality of your relationships will improve. Instead of your oldest friends, you probably hang out most with a different crowd, only because they are also chasing their addictions. You have probably burned many of your old friends over time, and they got fed up with your crap and stopped taking your calls. Living a sober lifestyle will give you the chance to show them you changed instead of telling them, and if they see you struggling to stay clean and sober they will be much far likely to help you, remember friendship is a 2-way street, those who don’t give something back are not really being a friend. This involves making amends to them for past wrongs you committed but, wouldn’t you like that life back instead of what you currently have? 

Instead of that old happy hour crowd you thought were friends, you will find much healthier, better quality relationships are formed in the rooms of recovery. That bar crowd likely could never be bothered to tear themselves away from it to help you or sit in a hospital with you but those friends from recovery definitely will. They are not bad people, they are sick with their own disease, and it will always come first. If you need proof about which group are friends and which group are acquaintances, try not showing up and see which group calls to check on you. The people you meet while chasing your sobriety have been through the same things as you, faced the same choices you have and understand how difficult some days can be. Those are true friendships, and you will be amazed at how much farther friendship goes instead of a 6-pack of beer.  

Drug Rehab in Texas

If you can remember a time when your family and friends wanted you around and miss those days, then get help. You can have that life again with a little work and your loved ones want you to as well. Just living a clean and sober lifestyle will help you manage problems far easier than anything else ever could, remember there is no substance on Earth that can somehow fix your problems if you smoke or drink enough of it. If you are ready to turn your life around and ready for a change because you are fed up with being sick and tired, contact the team of professionals at Purpose Driven Recovery by calling (713) 266-1507 right now, or click here to email them and take that first step on your road to redemption today. 

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