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Sober Living In Montgomery County, Texas

With the rising rates of drug abuse and addiction, the Life Launch Team has decided to expand its operations into Montgomery County in an attempt to curb this growing threat. Drug addiction is an ever growing concern in the United States and points to some very alarming problems in our social structure.

Making the Right Decisions

Psychology experts say that drug addiction is a result of underlying psychological issues that are easily resolved, but develop into bigger problems due to bad coping habits. When life becomes a little difficult, not everyone can make the right decisions. There’s nothing to be blamed for, except for perhaps a lack of self–awareness, which is honestly not anyone’s fault.

We try to provide our clients a healthy atmosphere to face their problems head on, while also deconstructing the beliefs which make them turn to drugs. Our facilities are designed to enable our clients the opportunity to break the self destructive cycle of drug abuse and overcome their habits.

After our success in Houston, we’re also developing sober living facilities in Montgomery County. Our teams comprise of experienced psychologists, trained in drug rehabilitation and nutritionists who can guide our clients towards a healthy lifestyle.

Overcome substance habits is not easy. It requires understanding the client’s habits, their belief systems, the physiological damage already inflicted and helping them shed it all. It takes positive reinforcement, teaching self accountability and giving them room to make mistakes before they full heal. Our treatment procedures are designed to achieve exactly all of these purposes.

With focus on replacing their ideas about drug abuse with a purpose towards their lives, we try to wean our client’s off and help them develop sustainable life plans in our transitional sober living home. As we work towards cognitively preparing them for a life without drugs, we teach them valuable life skills in an environment that helps them change their habits.

Sober Living in Montgomery County

Coming off of drugs isn’t easy. It’s one of the most painful experiences which require you to reconstruct yourself as an individual. At Life Launch, our sober living in Montgomery county believes in your ability to change your life for the better and will help you recreate a life full of vitality, purpose and meaning.

If you or a loved one is struggling to stay sober and looking for a structured environment call us today. Our team knows what it takes to create a sustainable life of recovery and the structured needed to stay sober. Call us today for more information at 713-266-1507

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