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Sober Living In Houston, Texas

Reaching a place in your life where you are ready to start living sober is an amazing accomplishment. We understand the difficulties and challenges that the disease of addiction brings. We also know that building a sober life does not happen overnight, rather it is a process driven by purpose. That is why we are pleased to provide sober living options that encourage individuals to continue on with the progress they have made on their journey and begin reaching new heights.

What Can You Expect From Sober Living Houston?

Our sober living programs are carefully crafted with the resident in mind. The primary goal of our sober living homes is to provide you with a safe, peaceful, and productive environment where you can advance in your sobriety. When you move into one of our sober living homes, you can expect to feel like you are actually at home. That is because we have created homes that are fully furnished and comfortable. We have even created peaceful spaces throughout the home where you can read, meditate, pray, etc. 

When you come to sober living Houston, you can expect to be provided with the utmost quality of care. Not only do we ensure that you will feel right at home during your stay, but we also keep the focus of recovery at the forefront of all we do. For example, our sober living homes have a staff presence around-the-clock. Somebody is always on site and able to help answer questions, offer support, or assist in your recovery needs. You will also have access to sober coaching for added support and to help strengthen your recovery. Drug tests are conducted three times a week and breathalyzer tests are done daily. Our sober living homes are designed to not only provide peace and comfort, but support and encouragement at all times.

Our Sober Living Programs

At Purpose Driven Recovery, our sober living programs are gender-specific, meaning that we have a male and a female housing options. We are sensitive to the fact that recovery can be a very vulnerable experience, and men and women may not want to go through this process in the company of one another. Gender-specific programming has proven to be highly effective in sustained recovery. That is why we offer two separate residences, Gillian’s Place and Life Launch.

Gillian’s Place

Gillian’s Place is our all-female sober living option. Surrounded by a lush green lawn and landscaping, Gillian’s Place is a place you can easily call home. The warm, rustic style of the home allows for relaxation and wellness. There is a fully fenced in backyard and an infrared sauna that you can utilize while you reside at sober living Houston. Also, you will have personalized dietary meal preparation assistance, as well as breakfast and lunch served daily. Additional amenities include:

  • Video surveillance in public areas to ensure safety and security
  • Flat screens with cable in all rooms 
  • Option to participate in sports
  • Nearby lakeside park equipped with picnic tables and grills

While you are residing at Gillian’s Place, you will have an individualized recovery plan and continued support from our team. You will have access to an acupuncturist and an Eastern medicine holistic healer, a gym membership, and transportation assistance to recovery support meetings.

Life Launch

Life Launch is our gender-specific sober living option for males in recovery. This beautiful brick home is home to an outdoor pool, large kitchen, and several comfortable and inviting living spaces.

Prior to coming to our sober living Houston, we encourage you to pack enough clothes for one week, along with your toiletries and personal electronics. We value our sober living homes and the environment it provides residents, so we do not allow any mind-altering substances on the premises. 

Similar to Gillian’s Place, you will have access to several amenities while you are residing at Life Launch. This means that you, too, will also have flat screens with cable in all rooms, along with high speed wifi throughout the home. There will be 24/7 on-site presence from our staff, transportation services to recovery support meetings, IOP, work, and church, and the opportunity to participate in group outings. 

For the duration of your stay at our sober living Houston, you will be drug tested three times a week and provided a breathalyzer once daily. 

Sober Living Houston

Taking the first step towards recovery is always nerve racking and we are so glad that you made it this far. To find which treatment plan is best for you. Most times, the hardest part is picking up the phone. Contact us today at 713-266-1507

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