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Our Men’s Sober Living in Houston

Making the decision for a sober living is a major step on the road to recovery. Life can be difficult. Addiction is an illness that needs to be fought purposefully and actively, every day. What matters is being committed to change to live a healthier life, regardless of our past situations.

This is why we, at Life Launch, help you get the help you need by being there for you, every step of the way. Our sober living in Houston, TX caters to men reaching out for help for sobriety. Along with providing our residents with the full-range of recovery facilities based in Houston, we ensure that they are provided with the utmost comfort and luxury throughout their stay. We are committed to making our residents’ time at Life Launch as easy and relaxing as possible.

Why Attend Sober Living in Houston

Sober living homes help strengthen your recovery by reinforcing skills you learned in rehab, while giving you a safe place to practice those skills.They are also beneficial for people who prefer outpatient substance abuse treatment, but whose home environments aren’t conducive to maintaining sobriety. The benefits of sober living homes include:

  • Guidance and on-demand support. In sober living, you will be surrounded by people who know what you’re going through and can offer support. Staff are fully committed to your sobriety and will offer you advice, guidance, and teach you skills that you can use in your new sober life.
  • Establishing meaningful sober friendships. The people that you are in sober living with are going through very similar experiences as you are. They understand the struggle of addiction and recovery, and can offer support. Building a community of support around you is an important part of the recovery process.
  • Learn new life skills. Addiction tends to take over your life, so you may need to learn habits or relearn skills to help you in your day-to-day life. This can include establish healthy sleep habits; learning about diet and nutrition, or even how to pay your bills. Sober living also offers all important structure and routine, which are important foundations for establishing a strong recovery.
  • Streamlining your transition to your new sober life. With advice, a support network, and positive life skills and habits you can transition safely to your new sober life, from sober living. Sober living homes are a safe and gentle bridge to your everyday life that provide security as you ease back into society.

Why You Should Attend Men’s Sober Living

Addiction impacts most everyone in similar ways, but men often struggle with a variety of challenges that are specific to their gender. Men’s sober living helps your recovery from substance use disorders by providing a supportive group of like-minded people who know the unique situations you face. 

  • Oftentimes, men have addiction-related issues that they are uncomfortable talking about in front of women. Men’s sober living allows you to freely talk about your experiences.
  • The side effects of addiction can impact men in particularly sensitive ways. Sometimes, men feel uncomfortable discussing sexuality, mental and emotional health around women. A men’s only environment removes that obstacle toward open communication.
  • Men’s sober living provides a safe place to be vulnerable, without fear of judgment.
  • Men, in particular, are more prone to compulsive behavior and emotional outbursts while in early recovery. Having a gender-specific environment for men not only helps to mitigate these issues, but can help keep women and other vulnerable populations safer.

Virtual Tour of our Houston, TX Men’s Sober Living Home

What to pack

Enough clothes for a week

Toiletries and hygiene products (i.e. toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, etc.)

Personal electronics (laptops, tablets, cell phone, etc)

Tobacco (if you use it)

What not to pack

Personal furniture


Pots and Pans

Firearms or weapons of any kind

Products containing alcohol

Inappropriate materials or clothing (anything displaying/suggesting/promoting sexual content or drug use)

Amenities of our Houston TX, Men’s Sober Living

The Purpose Driven Recovery sober living homes near Houston, TX offers many different amenities to help assist in the quality and longevity of each individuals recovery.

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week on site management
  • Excellent Off-Road Assigned Parking
  • High Speed Wifi Throughout Facility
  • Video Surveillance for Safety – Public Areas
  • Flat Screen Tv’s with Direct TV in Every Room
  • Available Sober Coaching and Transitional Therapy for New Journey
  • Personalized Dietary Meal Preparation Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance to Recovery Support Meetings, IOP, Work and Church
  • Breakfast and lunch food provided, Dinner Prepared Daily
  • Gym Memberships Available to All Clients
  • Individualized Recovery Plans
  • Infrared Sauna Available
  • Group Outings such as Baseball and Football Games, Movies or the Beach
  • Participation in Recovery Sports Leagues – Optional
  • Drug Testing 3 Times a Week and Breathalyzed Daily
  • Serene Lakeside Park with Picnic Tables and Grills
  • Peaceful and Private Areas for Quiet Reading, Meditation and Prayer

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