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Infrared Saunas for People in Recovery

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As methodologies of treatment and American attitudes gradually shift focus towards more holistic and healthier techniques, many new ways of providing relief for those suffering through detox are being discovered and implemented. One example of this is infrared saunas for recovery. Purpose Driven Recovery is one such treatment home, the use of home is the operative word here, as they are not your typical residential/industrial facility. It is a modern, well-appointed, beautifully-outfitted home which serves as a place for gender-specific treatment of both men and women, segregated to maintain your focus on recovery but providing a family-style atmosphere you would find in a nice, upscale residential neighborhood. Situated on a gorgeous plot of land, replete with open areas of grassy lawns for quiet contemplation or reading and comfortable lodgings, they also utilize many newer methods of providing relief to their residents, including an in-house infrared sauna. 

What is an Infrared Sauna?

The use of an infrared sauna is still a newer method of treatment but found in many cutting-edge facilities. Different from a traditional sauna which can sweat a person too much, infrared saunas direct approximately 80% of their heat to the body’s core with the remaining 20% heating the air inside. This permits deeper penetration which in turn promotes the detoxification process of removing toxins instead of just creating a sweat while permitting easier breathing due to the lighter, less-humid air. 

The directed infrared heat stimulates the immune system, the lymphatic system and increases the flow in the cardiovascular system of the body. The toxins and even heavy metals which taint the body are pushed out of the skin stimulating the process of your detox. Regardless of one’s choice of poison, whether chemical or beverage, the infrared sauna provides health benefits above and beyond a traditional sauna. 

How Do Infrared Saunas Help People in Recovery?

After years of substance abuse, your body is definitely run-down from the constant substance abuse, improper nutrition, poor sleeping habits, and generally unhealthy lifestyle, so the benefits of infrared therapy are twofold. Infrared saunas in recovery is now frequently seeing its value in treating not only people in recovery, but also people suffering from a myriad of health conditions like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and even congestive heart issues. This works in conjunction with the various professionals on the staff at Purpose Driven Recovery like their personal trainers, nutritionists and mental health and of course, substance abuse counselors. 

For those of you who wind up facing some type of legal consequences due to your substance abuse, then see your mugshots posted online and realize the shape you are in, infrared saunas help heal the skin, your largest organ and first line of defense against disease. In a Finnish study done on its benefits, the group who used an infrared sauna at least 4 times a week experienced a 40% reduction in mortality from any health condition and all addicts put themselves at great risk from constant abuse. 

The electromagnetic frequencies of infrared waves penetrate deeply through all the layers of your skin, causing pores to widen which allows the built-up toxins an easy route of escape. Traditional saunas cannot compare as the way heat is emitted, it causes your body to sweat out its water and electrolytes instead of toxins, not something a person in recovery needs. 

With 4/5ths of the heat an infrared sauna creates being directed to the body internally, instead of surrounding and dehydrating you in higher temperatures, it pushes toxins out while allowing your body to remain hydrated. The electromagnetic infrared waves help relax cramped muscles and relieve the inflammation in joints, both common side effects of the detox process. Anyone who has undergone detox and come through it will confirm, the body aches and pains are one of the worst, most painful parts of getting clean and can make those first week or weeks, a truly nightmarish experience. 

Recovery in Texas

If you or someone close to you is addicted to some type of substance and wishes to get clean and regain control of life, contact Purpose Driven Recovery by calling them at (713) 266-1507 or, click here to email them. Take advantage of their quiet, peaceful location and its top of the line modern, comfortable amenities like the large swimming pool after a session in the infrared sauna. The home is designed to help you adjust from your old life, to a happier and much healthier future, so why put that step off any longer? Contact them today before giving away any more time to an unmanageable addiction that will likely ultimately end quite badly.

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