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Can Acupuncture For Addiction Help Early Recovery?

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When an addict gets clean there are some guaranteed days of misery coming and many reach a point in their withdrawals they would gladly do basically anything to get relief from the agony of withdrawals. One technique developed in the Far East is growing in popularity for treating patients suffering withdrawals, acupuncture. Depending on who is asked, the explanation for its success varies, but the discovery was made early in the 1970s when a neurosurgeon in Hong Kong, used acupuncture to treat a patient with a concussion who was withdrawing from opium addiction. 

The acupuncture was to provide pain relief while the doctor performed a cingulotomy which is a prefrontal lobotomy which severs the communication between the hemispheres of the brain. On the insertion of the needles prior to performing the actual procedure, the patient’s symptoms completely stopped, so the procedure was cancelled. Whenever the patient’s symptoms returned he returned for another half hour treatment, with a few months passing in between. This technique was further refined by adding a small electrical charge to the needles, just enough that the patient feels the charge for a half-hour per session, with a single treatment being all that is typically required, usually within 10-15 minutes the patient had stopped shivering, their fever disappeared, the body aches vanished and sinuses cleared up completely. 

Acupuncture For Addiction

For people addicted to certain drugs like cocaine, opium or hashish, and THC, there is no magic bullet like naloxone, which treats opioid withdrawal. Although many people refuse to believe it works, a study was done with 40 addicts choosing acupuncture, and following the single half-hour treatment, 39 of the 40 were permanently discharged from treatment. Eight of the patients returned four months later for one or two 30-minute booster treatments, and that is it.

A second study followed an equal number of addicts choosing acupuncture while the second half was given methadone. A full year later over half of the acupuncture patients remained drug free while barely 25% of the methadone patients were. These results have been confirmed in multiple studies since, acupuncture is probably the single best tool for opioid addiction that exists, especially because it is not switching one addiction for another as methadone can be. 

There are probably many ex-opiate addicts who are furious right now that nobody told them about acupuncture, meanwhile they have required a daily dose of methadone in some cases for decades. If there is such a thing as a silver bullet for opioid abuse, low-voltage acupuncture might just be it. In addition to staving off withdrawal symptoms, patients reported a warm, relaxed feeling their breathing became slow and deep and the patient was able to completely relax with no restless leg syndrome, no aches or digestion problems all from 1-2 treatments.

How Does Acupuncture For Addiction Work?

The needles are placed in the conche of the ear a half-centimeter deep and then an electrode will be attached to the end of the needle and the current gently added until the patient can feel the current for the half-hour session. 

Because drugs flood the pleasure receptors in the brain with dopamine which the body naturally produces, in addiction the brain slows production and may cease naturally producing it at all because it is being provided by an external source. When the addict quits taking the drug, the brain struggles to restart production and may take longer and longer periods to return to normal the more severe the habit is, acupuncture is proven to stimulate production of dopamine and rapidly causes the body to restart production shortening and weakening the effects of the withdrawal symptoms. 

Acupuncture, while growing in popularity is not limited to being a one-trick pony just for opioids, it has successfully been used in treating a whole host of addictions and their withdrawal effects like cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, THC and hashish, opium and even addictive behaviors associated with gambling or sexual addictions. The practice of using acupuncture to treat addicts was initially brought to the Lincoln Hospital in New York during the 1970’s and San Francisco, Big Pharma pushed methadone treatments and aside from a few practitioners, most treatment of addiction was done with methadone because Americans have been brainwashed into believing the “better living through chemistry” lies created by the pharmaceutical industry leaders who would lose billions of dollars in profits had acupuncture taken off instead. 

Drug Rehab in Texas

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