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5 Benefits of a Sober Coach

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If you have reached the point that you are on the cusp of beginning to enter recovery for an addiction to drugs or alcohol or you have just started it, you may feel overwhelmed by all the tasks that come with getting sober. A sober coach can be just what you need to keep you focused on your goals and in recovery. Sober coaches provide a variety of advantages from helping plan your schedule to providing a willing ear when you need to talk.

The Top 5 Benefits of a Sober Coach

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One of the big benefits of a sober coach involves the functional aspect of what they can accomplish. People in recovery have their hands full with trying to adjust to being sober and the emotional results of that. They are also assimilating into their daily lives while trying to add recovery-related agendas to their schedules.

This is where a sober coach can take some of the burden from you. They can help you come up with a list of appointments and projects you need to do, then help you set them up. A sober coach can call and schedule appointments and create a calendar so you can easily reference what you need to do and when. They can send reminders so you don’t miss anything. 

Many sober coaches also provide transportation to events like therapy sessions, support group meetings, and doctor appointments. Having someone to rely on to drive you can offer more than just a ride you need. Sober coaches can help you discuss any fears and concerns you have related to where you’re going. They can also help you discuss what happens at each appointment or meeting, giving you an opportunity to immediately process your thoughts and emotions.

Sober Coaches Help Hold You Accountable

One of the downfalls of going it alone in recovery from a substance use disorder has to do with accountability. A sober coach becomes intimately involved in your recovery and can be the first person to sense when you may be tempted to avoid doing something necessary to stay sober. 

If you find yourself planning to skip a therapy appointment or other necessary appointments, your sober coach will be there to guide you into making the right decision. If you are responsible for your own transportation, you can work out a system so that you contact your sober coach before and after the appointment to demonstrate that you have gone to it. 

Sober coaches can offer to make regular sweeps of your home to search for any hidden drugs or alcohol. Sometimes just knowing someone will be doing that will keep a person from trying to hide a stash. 

Monitoring How Your Social Time is Spent

Another benefit of a sober coach involves their ability to monitor your social life and the people you talk to. Recovery programs typically recommend that you limit or cut off contact with people who actively abuse drugs or alcohol. This can be difficult emotionally for many people. 

A sober coach can set up a system that helps them monitor who you telephone and text with, as well as who you see in person. When you find yourself tempted to contact a buddy you used to drink or do drugs with, they can help you process why this temptation has come up and how to make a healthy choice. 

You can even invite a sober coach to be present during social visits you engage in. This helps you stay focused on recovery and who in your circle of family and friends supports that goal.

Sober Coaches Are Valuable Touchstones

One of the most reassuring benefits of a sober coach is the daily source of contact they can offer. Knowing you have someone to contact any time when you need them feels very reassuring and comforting. Your sober coach can be your trusted touchstone in many situations, including:

  • Moments when you feel vulnerable or alone and need to discuss it
  • Times when you’ve experienced a moment of strength, such as resisting temptation use, and you want to celebrate it
  • When you need a cheerleader to remind you of what all you have already accomplished
  • During those times you need advice on day-to-day life choices

They Help Reduce Temptation to Relapse

Sober coaches often ask their clients to make a pact with them related to temptation. They may ask you to agree to contact them anytime your recovery is at risk. If you feel a desire to use, contacting your sober coach before you do can help you avoid temptation. 

Sober coaches can speak calmly and logically to you about your feelings so you don’t make a decision you will regret. This required contact with your sober coach can be what helps keeps you sober. 

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Texas

Purpose Driven Recovery offers homey gender-specific sober living houses in Houston. Our clients enjoy round-the-clock management that helps them be accountable in their recoveries while learning to be independent before returning home. We offer access to sober coaching and transportation to support groups, therapy, work, and church.
Contact Purpose Driven Recovery by calling us at (713) 266-1507 or click here to email us. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

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